iPhone 6’s concept design

Federico Ciccarese, an Italian designer, has conceptualized the iPhone 6 after a few months of the launch of iPhone 5. The designer has presented a different design of the iPhone that is changed from the previous generation assuming that the Apple’s next generation of device will be like this.

iPhone 6 concept design

Although the artist got inspiration from the shape of iPod Nano but the shape looks like to that of Nokia Lumia or LG L3 E400 with slightly big shape. Federico has also conceptualized the features of the operating system, dubbed as iOSX that is the fusion of iOS and the Mac OS X.

iPhone 6 concept design

Still much of the time for the upcoming iPhone and not much of the rumors but some reports of more screen sizes and colors, which are present in iPod and iPod Nano, circulated.

iPhone 6 concept design

Ciccarese also presented the concept designs for the iPhone 5 and much rumored Apple television, both of which featured curved displays.


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