Robots will know the agriculture by the middle of the century

Farming, an agricultural profession, would also come in the hands of the robots within the next 20 to 40 years as pointed out by David Gardner, Chief Executive of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. He said that the robots are already milking the cows and soon they will be able to cultivate the lands and pick the fruits and vegetables.

Farmers are already using computers on tractors for efficient agricultural processes. ‘i-farming” technology uses GPS to know where less pesticide is needed thereby stopping the wastage.

Fendt tractors

In this regard, Fendt, a German company, has already taken some steps and that is why a driverless tractor would be available by the company by next year allowing the farmers to control two tractors from one cab. It could be used for de-stoning the soil on vegetable beds. The tractors used the technology developed by military with GPS to know the location and the sensors to know the presence of some living thing in the way of the machine.

“A large part of the future of British agriculture is robotic.”

“Robots will replace jobs that are quite dull and competitive,” said Mr Gardener.

“Autonomous machines will be doing some of the work, if not all of the work by the middle of the century.”

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