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Facebook has updated its messenger app with voice-messaging ability

FB messenger logoFacebook has integrated the voice sending technology in its messenger app in smartphones in both the iOS and Android . Not only will this but the users also be able to phone their friends (though it is in trial at this time).

This update to the app came on Thursday. After this update, there will be an option to record and send voice messages up to a minute in length to the friends. Tapping the “+” button then holding the “record” button will help the users to record a message whereas releasing the button immediately sends the message. On the other hand, sliding the finger off the button cancels the message.

The users of the iOS devices will also be able to make free calls to their friends using their data plans (AKA VoIP) in the coming weeks and this feature is available in Canada only at this time. To work with this, users have to tap the “i” button in the top right corner of the app and then tap the “Free Call”. This update of Facebook was essential for the company as the other rival companies have already such types of services such as Skype, now part of Microsoft, and Google Voice and Apple’s iMessage.

Audio integration in FB messenger

This update along with the latest Poke app is showing the company’s strong intention to make the social network every user’s first choice of communication.

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