Nearly one billion cameras were shipped in smartphones and tablets in 2012

Nearly one billion cameras were shipped in mobile cameras in 2012 in which 80% were in the smartphones as reported by ABI Research. The firm expected the increase in the camera shipment to 2.7 billion by the year 2018.

“Advancements in imaging technology are opening new doors for smartphones and media tablets,” senior analyst Josh Flood, said. “Mobile device cameras are becoming more than just a digital camera for taking snapshots of your kids and pet. New services like augmented reality and gesture recognition are now easily conceivable in mobile devices.”


Cameras are becoming the integral part of the mobile devices and many app developers are considering working on the camera integrated apps.

“Two hundred and thirty million smartphones are projected to be shipped with gesture recognition in 2015,” Flood added.

From ABI Research, “The new study “More Than a Digital Camera” analyzes imaging technology and new services enabled by cameras in mobile devices. It forms part of ABI Research’s Mobile Device Technologies Research Service.”

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