“Is this Quaid’s Pakistan”, which must have an “Islamic System”

About the Author: Mayyda Asif Bajwa is the student of Pharm. D at Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Post 25th December ‘The Quaid Day’ incertitude kept quashing my mind” Is this Quaid’s Pakistan”. The land whose each corner echoed with the slogan of Pakistan ka matlab kya:  Illaha Il-Allah is now replaced with banging tone of Sheila ki jawani and munni ki badnami in the streets.

The answer to this question is certainly no with Pakistan’s undetermined standing on the globe either as third world or under developed state, a lost eastern wing, unachieved Kashmir that Quaid called an integral part of Pakistan and with America still taking our decrees and decisions not only contradicts the existence of today’s Pakistan to Quaid’s vision butdolefully brings it to a position where most of us hesitate calling it Quaid’s Pakistan.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid-e-Azam the man of words and the man of wisdom emphasized on the creation of Pakistan not arbitrary as a matter of chance or out of hasty decision but based its creation on an ideology with its roots in religion Islam.

He quoted: “We did not demand Pakistan to acquire a piece of land but we wanted a homeland where we could introduce an Islamic system”.

But today I live in a state where women fear stepping out their doorstep, men dread of blast as they step in the Masjid and people scare of rallies turning into a mob as they protest against anti-Islamic film and ruin everything coming in the way.

With the rattling sound of terrorism and bomb blast in my ears, with my eyes witnessing flourishing feudal system, prevailing poverty and people dying of hunger and with the hands of my mother before her face drenched in tears and praying for safety and survival makes me wonder if I owe the state I’m living in.

The rampant corruption, barbaric form of society, undisposed justice, metastatic population, moth eaten economy, fledgling democracy, black wealth hoarding, corrupt politicians, large budget deficit, low tax to GDP ratio, religious extremism, favoritism surpassing merit and have ones above the law and constitution brings me the feel of an alien land.

Could this be Quaid’s Pakistan where young blood is exported out of the state when it is his time to pay back, where schemes like Aman Ki asha carried out carrying away our honor as our politicians and actors fall to shameful extent to please them and where pride is taken in receiving Oscars in the name of Burning Faces as we reveal our short comings before them while they themselves guard it within their boundaries.

Quaid said “For the Muslims the idea of a separate Muslim state was a struggle for survival, for Hindus it was to avoid division of the land”. He began his career coupling to congress promising security of self-government by adopting constitutional mean. Initially being an advocate of Hindu Muslim unity he made joint efforts to get rid of British rule as congress promised delivering due Muslim rights. However later split occurred and heinous Hindu’s ambition made him a staunch believer of the two nation theory marking his words as “Pakistan was created the day the first Indian national entered the fold of Islam”.

The people of this 65 year old state still find naming themselves as Pathan, Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch more commendatory than being Pakistani no matter even if it crushes nationalism and humanity giving rise to thistly issues as of Kala Bagh Dam ignoring the finance and time spent on it and besides the dire need along with approved feasibility plans.

This is the height of ignorance and folly as it invites a veritable storm in the form of foreign conspiracies damaging the provincial spirit and solidarity altogether. Hereby Quaid stated “Provincialism is one of the curses and so is sectionalism”.

Whereby Quaid’s Pakistan was one where he collaborate all Muslims as a single fraternity under the banner of Pakistan.

Another ill issue is the muffled picture of Pakistan shown to the world by the media’s reckless race for ratings, lust of money, un-necessary and repetitive political satire that transfers the discontent and discord among the people not only with in the state but all around the world bringing defame and also creating confusion between fact and fiction.

As nation we lag in all fields of sciences and we have also undermined the significance of art and literature leaving behind less opportunities disregarded merit, ignored talent and ultimately led to a brain drain.

The blasphemy and shrinking white part of the flag is also a tyranny of present day. The world liberal is usually mistaken as an extension of western belief but it demands equality of every citizen above caste and creed which is an Islamic binding and what Quaid promised to assure. Non-Muslims are the most oppressed people of the country facing abduction, forceful conversions and no opportunities at all that reflect our past in united India leading to creation of PAK.

The curse of foreign aid dependency is turning the whole nation into beggar besides all sufficient resources, man power and capabilities we have maintained this dependency to feed the lust of corrupt individuals climbing up the ladder progressing in corruption. We have reached a point where time and all financial assistance cannot be wasted but should be utilized with grace and in a way that serves the nation.

I feel awfully disgusted as I recall the deadly creation of Pakistan. The violence, riots, blood stained train arriving with dead bodies and women embracing death to guard their honor smashes my mind as today’s habitant of Pakistan is unmindful and forgetful busy in dis-gracing Quaid’s Pakistan.

The state appears helpless in protecting vulnerable citizens, minorities against obscuration. In this backdrop, just wishing for a new PAK to emerge is not going to get an escape but to struggling a way forward by faith and reason would help.

We need to stand tall with “unity, faith and discipline”. True and secure leadership with moral authority based upon conduct character of the leader will make people follow as in case of Quaid is needed. Mr. Jinnah who did not live long enough to steer PAK personally left this duty upon our shoulder but un-fortunately we failed to his aspiration.

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