Nintendo’s Wii U game console is on sale in U.S.

Nintendo's Wii U controller (Credit: Associated Press)

Nintendo Co.’s Wii U has been set for sale in U.S. with apps and games. The company has not offered the Nintendo TVii service. This feature will be available in December as said by the company on November 16.

“The value of Wii U goes well beyond day one,” Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo’s North America president, said in a statement. “Nintendo will be enhancing the Wii U experience with continuous updates and new services for Wii U owners.”

Company is strong in its opinion that it will keep on making hardwares.

“By creating software and marrying it to strong hardware, we believe we create ground-breaking experiences,” Fils-Aime said in a September interview.

The Wii U basic set will be available at a price of $299.99 with 8GB of internal storage. It has one white touch-screen GamePad Controller that 6.2-inch tabletlike controller, AC adapters for both the console and controller, a sensor bar and an HDMI™ cable. While the Wii U Deluxe Set will be available at $349.99 with the black components. It has 32 GB of internal storage with some additional features.

“Wii U is an ‘everyday’ connected device – offering a combination of games, entertainment, online connectivity and social activity that will make people want to interact with it daily,” said Fils-Aime. “Never before have so many features been packed into one game console, at any price. Our substantial lineup of games offered at launch has something for everyone on your shopping list.”

According to researcher IHS Screen Digest, Nintendo would sell about 3.5 million units in the U.S. this year.

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