Companies hacked said Anonymous – No issue said companies


Many few people, who are related to the internet business and would not know about Paypal and Symantec. These are two most important companies involved in internet business and security respectively. Recently, PayPal, Symantec, and some of the other important internet companies have been hacked by Anonymous, a hackers group, as said by them.

Anonymous has posted on Twitter that the hacks are the part of “November 5th protest”. From the same twitter account, we can see that the group has hacked and disturbed many of the Australian and Ecuadorean websites, as well as Imageshack.

As the reports of hacking increase, rumors have spread for the Facebook hack like the last year’s reports. However, it is still not in reports.

Operation VendettaWith the name of “Operation Vendetta” on Facebook, the group has also called for a public protest in front of Britain’s Houses of Parliament at 8pm today.

At 8pm on November 5th 2012, Anonymous will march on The Houses of Parliament peacefully and unarmed. This is the centrepiece of a worldwide Anonymous operation of global strength and solidarity, a warning to all governments worldwide that if they keep trying to censor, cut, imprison, or silence the free world or the free internet they will not be our governments for much longer. Change is coming

6pm – Gather in Trafalgar square

8pm – We march

Dresscode: Smart / V costume.

This announcement on Facebook shows that Anonymous itself knows the importance of such websites and would use them for sometime.

November 5 is the Guy Fawkes Day that is British annual commemoration of a failed attack on Parliament in 1605. “V for Vandetta” was a novel by Alan Moore showing Fawkes as an anarchist anti-hero and the film released in 2006 with the same name showed “Guy Fawkes” mask, which has been used by Anonymous.

On the other hand, Anuj Nayarm, PayPal’s head of PR, tweeted “We’re aggressively investigating this but to date we have been unable to find any evidence that validates this claim”.

Simlarly, Symantec reported that the customer information is safe.

“Symantec is investigating the recent claims made online regarding the security of our networks. We have found no evidence that customer information was exposed or impacted,” a Symantec spokeswoman said. “We will continue to monitor the situation and aggressively investigate these and any related claims. Beyond that, we have no additional information to share and are not going to speculate on any further elements of the story.”

During the time of this writing, Anonymous hacked and defaced, (Twitter) and (Twitter).

Day has already been started, let’s see what would happen next.

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