Windows 8 tablets will now run on AMD’s Z-60 APU


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has introduced a new tablet APU Z-60 with Radeon graphics for Windows 8 tablets and other mobile devices. This APU is Hondo Accelerated Processing Unit.

This APU has a 1GHz dual-core chip that has 80 Radeon graphics cores and has a TDP of 4.5W. This is low enough for the tablet to run without a fan resulting in its thinness that is less than 10mm. The tablets with Z-60 APU with an S3 state draws 0.08W that sport a 30WHr battery that can reach the battery life of 10 hours in “Windows presentation mode” and reported standby time of two weeks. This APU would allow battery life of eight hours while Web Browsing and up to six hours of HD video playback.

AMD's APU with life and consumption

The company also presented a reference tablet that woke from the sleep state within two seconds. It’ll support resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 over HDMI and run titles like Orcs Must Die and even Modern Warfare 2 at medium settings and 1,024 x 768 resolution.

“Tablet users seeking an uncompromised experience for both creating and consuming content on the Microsoft Windows 8 platform now have a performance-driven, affordable option with the AMD Z-60 APU,” said Steve Belt, corporate vice president of Ultra-Low Power Products, AMD. “We see a large gap between the lower performance and high-price competitive offerings that allow AMD to be in tablet designs that will please our customers and end users alike.”

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