Revival of Einstein’s brain on iPad

Screenshot for a slice of the brain on iPad app

Albert Einstein is the famous name in the world of science especially in physics and now you can study the brain of this famous personality on an iPad app, NMHMC Harvey – National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago, in just $9.99. This app is of 0.5MB in size. It is not necessary whether you are a scientist or not, you can study the genius’s brain as the app has included the detailed images of the brain.

NMHMC Harvey - National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago

In 1955 after the death of Einstein, Dr. Thomas Harvey, a pathologist performed an autopsy. A medical museum development in Chicago scanned and digitized about 350 images from approximately 170 different parts of the Einstein’s brain and the app gives a look through those pieces or parts as the person is looking through a microscope.

The sales’ profit from the app will go to Department of Defense’s National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, a 501(c)3 public charity institution.

Albert Einstein

The internet is saying that this app would not help you to develop a winning strategy for Angry Birds (Angry Birds Free – Rovio Entertainment Ltd on iTunes) and I think this must be due to the reason that Einstein used not to play Angry Birds. Otherwise some parts of the brain could show such development that is related to Angry Birds and Facebook. 🙂

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