CREST biorepository could help in the study of mesothelioma and other respiratory tract diseases; Research

BiorepositoryResearchers from Italy with their collaborators have explained the working of The Cancer of the Respiratory Tract (CREST) biorepository and its importance in a paper published in the journal of Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine.

Biorepository refers to the place or receptacle for storage of biospecimens. These are helpful for the molecular epidemiology and translational studies. Molecular epidemiology refers to the study of the medical science that deals with the diseases factors, causes and transmission, within a population involved at the molecular level. Translational studies refer to the studies of the processes determining amino acid sequence.

The above mentioned CREST biorepository is related to the studies of pleural malignant mesothelioma (MPM) and Lung cancer (LC). Researchers have reported that the personnel has collected demographic and epidemiological data from the volunteers after proper agreement with the The Public Population Project in Genomics (P(3)G).

According to the researchers, this biorepository is important in following three ways,

i) The collection, concurrently with the biological sample, of an extensive set of individual clinical and epidemiological data facilitates the realization of molecular epidemiology, translational and systems medicine studies.

ii) The availability of epidemiological data and biological samples from different control groups, i.e., non-neoplastic diseases and controls, improves the potential to understand various steps in the cancer pathway and to implement primary and secondary prevention strategies.

iii) The selection of a homogeneous set of cancers, i.e., LC and MM, which share common risk factors and are treated in the same departments, allow the easier collection of specimens and administration of the questionnaire.

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Donatella Ugolini, Monica Neri, Luca Bennati, Pier Aldo Canessa, Georgia Casanova, Cecilia Lando, Giacomo Leoncini, Paola Marroni, Barbara Parodi, Claudio Simonassi, Stefano Bonassi, (2011). CREST biorepository for translational studies on malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer and other respiratory tract diseases: Informatics infrastructure and standardized annotation. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, Doi: 10.3892/etm.2011.416

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