Wake up Pakistan

About the Contributor: Mayyda Asif Bajwa is the student of Pharm. D at Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan.

Wake Up Pakistan

Last month on my sister’s birthday we itemized a surprise party, aiming high to make it a momentous one and a breakthrough from our daily routine. We lived the plan and wished her the very day. No wonder instead of putting forward the words of delectation or at least extending a smile, she came up with all the grudges she had for any of the family member. Cutting the long story short the celebration only became possible when my father adjudicated every issue by bringing off a family round table conference on the dining table with a cake in between. An enervating day it was but with a gratifying termination.

The same day I dreamt of 65th Independence Day of Pakistan as it just passed before my sister’s birthday. I pictured Pakistan alive before me as my sister lends it both her face and grievances. I stood on the top of miner-e Pakistan and before I could shut down my wide open mouth out of astonishment, I swallowed my saliva trying to cope with query till I was bombarded with questions. I was barely allowed to tap my brain as my auditory nerves were bothered for next few hours.

It was a wakeup call for me, awakening in discountenance I began jotting down all possible questions that I could retrace in my mind. The smudges of instability, inflation, poverty, over-population, injustice, terrorism, corruption, foreign aid dependency and poor health services spoiled the previously clear paper. So have these malefic traits done to our motherland eating it day in and day out like a termite.

For many this might be a recurring story as Pakistan’s present day condition is an open secret and only consistent thing about it. Pakistan’s unmatched history and its position as a golden bird is now a fairy tale of yesteryear with little remnants in nowadays. So far it has gained little; nothing more than a problem with its roots in past and primped in today’s attire. As time lingers problems get intensified leaving people to plough smart playing the blame game.

In the 66th year of independence we might be free but not independent; free from foreign interference but not independent of internal challenges. On the contrary many young states coming later on the globe and by interpolating our strategies have gone far ahead enjoying stability and prosperity to its full. We unmindful of these bitter facts manage sumptuous spending on hogwash activities unlike any civilized nation with little benefits in the long run. To add to fuel the only asset left to us, our youth, are steered in wrong direction by false fantasies set before them and their going gaga towards use of face book, mobiles and being used as mere force in political parades. Pity to the nation that offers 65 Rs per water bottle but as for night package 65 paisa’s per hour. Trivial count of young one’s manage getting out of this as much are shadowed under the cloud of sheesha.

Unfortunately we are hand cuffed by our rigid mind set and limited vision, fallen astray in our attempt to follow west. We have learnt to make excuses to seek false comfort for our inabilities by looking at conspiracies and damage done in the past. This had always been government’s policy found busy washing their dirty linen in the public but gradually becoming altogether a Pakistani trait. Initial of my writing may be a stupid example but a contemplation of truth that independence (birthday) may be a pleasure (relief) but not a matter of celebration until aim of life achieved or got ridden of unfavorable conditions and day to day challenge as in case of Pakistan.

My dream of my Pakistan is an absolute portray of Quaid’s thinking which is missing else we are no less than any other nation in the world. Taqiuddin an-Nabhani in his book “The economic system in Islam” quotes:”With regard to material wealth, scientific discoveries, industrial inventions and the like, all of these are of much lower importance than thoughts. In fact, to gain such matters depends on the thoughts, and preservation of these matters depends on thoughts as well”. Thus significance of thoughts should be preserved and re-stored.

Quaid’s Pakistan is in deep slumber we need to muster ourselves to re-live his dreams. This is exactly what every Pakistani dreams of but is reluctant to work for. There is a need to conserve; our money, time and energy to re-discover, re-form and re-build a better and a bigger Pakistan becoming proud Pakistan like never before.

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