Coursera has gotten more than 1 million enrollees from around the globe

Coursera, online course offering service, has gotten more than 1 million students from 196 countries in the world as reported by the organization on its blog.

Coursera started working in January with four universities and after some weeks 12 new universities joined the organization. The organization has seen not only an increase in the number of students but also an increase in the number of courses. At this time, it is offering 116 courses in a variety of disciplines. Start-up funding of the organization reached about $22 million with $8.3 million provided by the California Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates.

It has been found that many of the Coursera classes have gotten more than 50,000 enrollees. Coursera has reported that 38.5% of students are from U.S. Aft

er U.S. come Brazil, India, United Kingdom and Canada.

Coursera enrollees from different countries

Coursera enrollees from different countries

On its Facebook page, there are 42% of female fans and 57% are male fans.

From Coursera blog,

Thank you all so much for signing up, taking classes, and encouraging your friends and family to participate. This is an exciting moment in education, in which we seem to be standing at the cusp of a major transformation. We look forward to the days, months and years ahead as we work together to make the best education, from the best instructors, accessible to millions of students around the world.

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