Google has launched the Mobile App Analytics and Google Analytics app for Android

Acquisition analytics

Google has announced on Friday, June 29th, the Mobile App Analytics that will help the developers to see the statistics about the Mobile App usage. Along with the Mobile App Analytics, the company has also released The Google Analytics App for Android.

The Mobile App Analytics will allow the developers to know about the users, or more appropriately called as buyers, such as the traffic, geography and the model of device used through “Device Overview”. This app will also tell the business and engagement of users. This would help the developers to improve their performance in the development of apps. “New and active users” will allow the developers to know the users who launch the app and analyze the most valuable parts. “Google Play traffic sources” will tell the traffic sources. “App versions” will tell about the versions that the users are utilizing. “User behavior”

On the other hand, the Google Analytics App for Android will help the users to check the analytics of the site on the Android operated phones. This app will allow the real-time monitoring, Dashboard and Automatic and Customized Alerts. You can download the app from the Play Store.

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