Chinese words for “to go” and “to say”

到 (dao4) means to arrive; to go; to (a place); until (a time); up to; to go to; been to; to get; to have reached; to. You may remember the shape in Chinese by considering a triangle like shape in the left upper side, two horizontal lines with one vertical line in the left lower side and two vertical lines in the right side.

说 (shuo1, shui4, yue4, tuo1) means persuade (politically); to say; to speak; scold; talk; upbraid. You may remember the Chinese word by considering a vertical cable on the left side and TV on the right side with two legs and two antennae. Consider this TV is SPEAKING.

When it combines with the word 胡 (hu2) meaning beard, it makes 胡说 (hu2 shuo1) meaning nonsense.

Source: Chinese Characters,

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