Talking cars will not be so far in the future

Talking interface in the car

Future cars would be like our pets that will behave emotionally and will respond to different types of moods. It could be predicted on the basis of a new user interface for cars introduced by Young Joo Tak and the team members. Tak is a California based designer and the interface introduced by the team has won the Gold A’Design Award in Italy for their prototype.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]This new interface has been named TOMO after the Tamagotchi digital pet popular in the 90s. The TOMO interface shows that the car is sensing, listening and has emotions. A spherical screen shows five different facial expressions as it is considered the digital facial expression is the most optimized way to communicate with the driver.

“When the car is exhausted it makes a sad face, instead of a person looking at a gas gauge. Then you think ‘oh he’s hungry [for] something, he needs something,'” said Young Joo Tak.

TOMO plans the route, predicts traffic and help in social connection by using satellite navigation and in-car wifi. It comes with a remote-controlled device that can be take the shape of keychain and the digital face in it alert the driver about the theft even when the car is off.

TOMO has artificial intelligence making to study the user’s face, voice and travelling habits. Moreover, the interface will also be able to change the interiors’ colors and theme.

“Let’s say I get in a bad mood, I get in the car. The car starts by itself and says, ‘I guess you’re not in a good mood.’ He creates a bursting in the interior, like spring, butterflies flying around,” Tak said. “He knows how I feel.”

“Car is not a cold machine anymore, car can feel customer’s condition,” said product designer and project partner Jae Moung Yang.

Via: Live Science

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