Intel is working on to develop TV’s with facial recognition technology to display relevant ads

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Intel Corporation is working on the set-top box for TV service that will come with the facial recognition technology to display ads. Intel has already worked with Google TV but unfortunately they were not so successful.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]With the help of this technology, Intel will make it easy to display ads related to the age and gender of the users that will help the marketers to reach the target market easily. Intel has also said that this technology would help to rejuvenate the TV advertising and would also help to generate more revenue by the networkers.

From The Verge;

“They’ve told us the technology is going to be so much more interactive with ads that you can make more money. But it’s just a little unproven.”

Intel has also reported that the collected data from the technology would also help the cable providers to get more rating information from the population. Intel would provide more secure contents but it may take time that the consumers would be used-to this technology.

“If they can create a virtual network and it incorporates proprietary Intel technology, they could certainly bring something different to the subscription TV model.” said JMP analyst Alex Gauna.

Intel is trying to keep the technology less costly by offering smaller packages of networks. This technology would be launched by the end of this year as Intel is trying so.

Via: Inforains, The Verge Source: Reuters

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