WHO reports of untreatable strain of gonorrhea spread in the world

Neisseria gonorrhea in an updated image

World Health Organization (WHO) has reported on Wednesday that drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea is spreading in different countries of the world.

Drug resistant means untreatable and gonorrhea is a sexual disease causing inflammation of the genital mucous membrane causing burning pain while urination and discharge. It is caused by gonococcus bacterium.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]The “superbug” strains of bacteria causing gonorrhea that was not treatable with recommended antibiotics was firstly reported in Japan in 2008. WHO has reported that now many of the countries including Australia, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom have many cases of gonorrhea that are resistant to cephalosporin antibiotics, which is considered as the last treatment option for the disease. The treatment options may not work unless the physicians take the case earlier.

“Gonorrhoea is becoming a major public health challenge, due to the high incidence of infections accompanied by dwindling treatment options,” said Dr Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at WHO. “The available data only shows the tip of the iceberg. Without adequate surveillance we won’t know the extent of resistance to gonorrhoea and without research into new antimicrobial agents, there could soon be no effective treatment for patients.”

“We are very concerned about recent reports of treatment failure from the last effective treatment option – the class of cephalosporin antibiotics – as there are no new therapeutic drugs in development,” added Dr Lusti-Narasimhan. “If gonococcal infections become untreatable, the health implications are significant.”

WHO has reported that the extent to which this disease is resistant to antibiotics in the world is unknown due to lack of reliable data and insufficient research.

Via: Reuters Source: WHO


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