Google upgraded Chromebook with Faster Processor and Updated Chrome OS!

Google just upgraded its Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 laptops with faster processors as compare to its previous versions, added more RAM and also improved Chrome OS.

A new user interface by the Google to take the company efforts one step up in a traditional PC life.

This time the price of Chromebook is relatively high.

Despite solid hardware and a slightly improved Chrome OS, the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 comes with far too many caveats and compromises compared with similarly priced but more-capable tablets and laptops. (via CNET)

Latest Chrome OS have a bar on the bottom with web applications, similar to Windows and Mac OS style. Google also introducing offline document services with in couple of weeks. Latest Chrome OS comes with Microsoft Office Software support, such as Word and Excel files. Remote Access to Windows also available for users.

Below are the list of Spec and Price of ChromeBook:

Price as reviewed / starting price$549 / $449
ProcessorIntel Celeron
Hard drive16GB SSD
Operating systemGoogle Chrome OS
Dimensions (WD)11.25×8.3 inches
Height0.7 inch
Screen size (diagonal)12.1 inches
System weight / Weight with AC adapter3.1 pounds / 3.7 pounds

If you are thinking that What is Chromebook? It is a laptop made by Samsung Electronics, but this laptop only runs Chrome OS by Google. It does not run any Windows or Mac OS version. If you ever used Google Chrome browser, then you would know that pre-installed chrome browser in laptop as a Operating System is called Chromebook.

If offers variety of Cloud application and services including Goolge’s Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calender and many more. It is a complete cloud solution if you are online user. It is a 12-inch thin laptop and very lightweight because of no hard drives or CD drive, so the battery performance is also good.

We all know that Google is already very famous in smartphone market with its Android OS. Now the company have plans to cover the laptops market by introducing Chrome OS in 2009.

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