Decline of Lollywood and what we can do for it!

Lollywood Industry

The present body of Lollywood film industry is very different from the past, when the cinemas were crowded with people. After the partition Pakistani film industry faced a number of problems but after some time the industry stood up on its own feets. Industry reached to a high level due to the hard work of many of the artists of that time.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]The golden period of Pakistani film industry started in 60’s. Actors like Waheed Murad, Zeba, Shabnam, Nadeem, Muhammad Ali and many others proved themselves through remarkable actings. Not only actors but directors, singers and writers also did outstanding work which is memorable.

After a long phase of success the film industry gradually decline in 90’s as many old and favorite actors leave the industry and new were too young to took their places. Directors like Syed Noor and Javed Sheikh tried to push the industry up but failed as majority of movies of that time were flopped. A number of movies released which were not family movies as these movies contain such contents which were far away from our Cultural and Moral values.

I think the basic reason of the downfall of Pakistani film industry is not the lack of talent but the major reason is the farness from our culture also the industry was ill-treated by the government in previous years. The bad story line and lack of good film making equipments force a number of artists to leave the film industry, some of them also move to neighbour country to show their acting skills.

This is really a serious issue and need consideration by the seniors in the industry.

In my opinion, the basic needs for the revival of our film industry are as follows;

1. Investment to increase the number of movies per annum and also to upgrade the standard of movies. It could be risky but a very bold step for the rejuvenation of industry.

2. Payment of good amount to the artists, so that they avoid serving other countries and show their skills in front of their own cameras.

3. Good storyline which should raise social and economic issues of our country.

4. Movies must show our cultural and moral aspects, so that people could move toward cinemas with their families without hesitation.

5. Good equipment must have to be introduced to improve standard of movies.

6. There must be a good promotion of the movies so that people wait eagerly for new movies.

7. People should have to go to the cinemas and promote the work of their artists. They have the right to criticize for the betterment.

8. Producers and Directors of the movies must have to remove vulgarity and in this way they can also show a good piece of work like movies from other Muslim countries.

Now a days, many young people are entering and investing in Lollywood with new and interesting movies like Waar, Kolachi and Fatima after a huge success of Khuda Kay Liye and Bol by Shoaib Mansoor.

Let’s hope for the success of these new pieces of arts by the young talent as the future of Lollywood depends on their work.