Artificial intelligence in vehicles will keep an eye on you for your safety


Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (アイシン精機株式会社), a Japanese corporation working on to develop the components and systems for automotive industry, has introduced the intelligent monitoring and warning system for vehicles. They demonstrated their Intelligent Transportation Systems technology with intelligently working systems.

This system will interact with the user such as the camera detects the face, it would check the user’s direction of face and whether the eyes are closed or not. If the consumer is sleepy or looking some other thing or looking away from the road, the system will warn the user to “Wake up,” “Look where you’re going,” or says “That’s dangerous.”

The piezo-electric sensor in the seat will check the users heartbeat and breathing for monitoring.

“Hold your breath for a moment. If you don’t breathe for 10 seconds, the system asks “Are you all right?”. We envisage that the system could alert paramedics. We think it would be good if the car could brake and pull over automatically.”

The system is optimal in computer processing by checking the difference between the images taken from two separate camera angles.

“All manufacturers are working on ITS, but our system is designed to give seamless video. Also, that child with the blue ball can’t be seen from the car right now. But the system recognizes that, and when you get within driving range, it warns you to “Watch out ahead, there’s danger.”

The system is able to check the road surface and walls. It has partial ability to identify cars, people, and bicycles. It can assess the level of danger depending on the type of object and the speed and direction of the car.

Source: Akihabara News Via: Aisin

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