Healthy activities to do in the unemployment phase after studies

About the Author: Atta-ur-Rehman Siddiqi is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. He studies in Pharm-D.

Social welfare

Decisions made in short time can lead to repent any one for whole life. All dreams about the career in life are planned to come true in the short times and if the decisions are based on the realities, way to the destination will be easy and smart gifted with success. Unemployment phase, after studies, is very critical about making such decisions. In my opinion, it is the real time to make correct decisions and chose the correct path.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Following steps should be taken in unemployment phase:

1. Religious activities:

Being a Muslim, it is our firm belief that all blessings are by Almighty ALLAH’S grace; so the religious activities are crucially important in Muslim’s life. Unemployment phase is good time for such kind of activities. In Pakistan, students have only little bit knowledge of religion (except the students of madrissas), during the  studies b/c only short syllabus of ISLAMIC studies is taught  during schooling and even at college as well as at university level. So, unemployment phase time is the best time to revive religious and spiritual aspects of life and it should be preferred too.

2. Social activities:

Participating in different social activities of society, can be a good usage of free time available during unemployment phase. It will increase different skills of personality by identifying different facts and aspects of society.

3. Political activities:

Personnel’s having political interests can spend time in political activities. It will build relations with the political personalities that will be a plus point.

4. Stay in touch with media:

Media has very important role in present ages, so stay in touch with the media like newspapers, radio, television and internet. It will open different opportunities in different fields. So in unemployment phase, it is very important activity.

5. Contact with teachers and successful personalities:

We should remain in contact with different successful personalities to find advice and share experience. It is very crucial to find teachers and elders’ advice b/c they all have passed through this phase, so they know more about life than new ones.

6. Apprenticeships :

Although it is very difficult to act upon but if time is available, one should spent time in apprenticeships in different fields. It will provide a good analysis of different practical aspects of field and on ground realities.

7. Revision of syllabus :

The curriculum can be revised, if u find any lacking.


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