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Lenovo’s, Intel and Windows 8 based, ThinkPad tablet would be revealed this year; Report

ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo is working on to develop Intel based ThinkPad tablet operating on Microsoft’s Windows 8 as said by a Lenovo Executive.

Dilip Bhatia, vice president and general manager of the ThinkPad business unit, said in an interview that the release of Intel-based ThinkPad tablets depend on the release of Windows 8, which would be launched later this year.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Bhatia said that the x86 architecture based processors would have many advantages for the business customers. “On the x86 architecture you get backward compatibility,” he said.

Intel has plans to launch a tablet chip code-named Clover Trail to compete with ARM, another company which specializes in shipping the processors for tablets. However, the usage of ARM’s processors in the Windows based tablets is still debatable as Windows has always used x86 chips to be operated.

Lenovo is already offering the ARM processors based ThinkPad tablets running on Google’s Android OS.

Lenovo is the world’s fourth largest tablet seller, after Apple, Samsung and Amazon, in the first quarter of this year as reported by IDC. The company is the second largest PC seller in the world.

David Daoud, research director of personal computing at IDC, said that the ThinkPad Windows 8 Tablet could easily be slipped into the existing base of ThinkPad PCs utilized in companies as ThinkPad is already a popular device in the businesses.

“If consumers are likely to move to a tablet-like environment as they’ve done strongly on the iPad front, it’s important for PC makers with corporate clients to have a suite of products that fit into the bring-your-own-device model,” Daoud said.

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