AT&T’s digital services will allow having a look on homes remotely

AT&T digital life

AT&T Digital LifeTMis the new service by AT&T to secure the homes remotely using any of the web-enabled services such as PCs, tablets and smartphones having any of the wireless services. This service will enable the customers to have a look on the home to keep it secure from intruders, safe from fire or water damage, allowing opening the doors so that repairmen can do their work.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]This service has been managed by a newly created Digital Life group and will allow the customers to have access to automation, energy and water controls plus security services through the use of electronic devices such as cameras, windows and door sensors, thermostats and appliance power controls.

“The AT&T Digital Life service has the potential to take home monitoring and home security solutions to another level,” Larry Hettick, Research Director, Consumer Services, for Current Analysis, said in a statement. “The service promises to be as robust as anything in the marketplace today backed by the trusted AT&T brand. I am particularly impressed with its IP-based wireless platform, plans for a nationwide offering, and a wide range of devices that can be monitored and viewed from any carrier’s wireless or wireline Internet connection. These consumer-friendly capabilities will help grow this industry.”

AT&T has planned to begin trials in Atlanta and Dallas this summer.

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