Some of the problems faced by students in Pakistan

About the Author: Atta-ur-Rehman Siddiqi is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. He studies in Pharm-D.

Education Problems

First  word:

By the grace of almighty Allah, I am starting to elaborate my thoughts with the confession that I am nothing, just a poor, humble human being having limited knowledge of such serious affairs of life.

Any how with the guidance and prayers of my teachers & parents, I am daring to present my feelings with the request that any one of dearest readers, if find any mistake or any misunderstanding, then please inform me and guide me.

[sociallocker]Educational setup in Pakistan:

Education is considered as the back bone of any nation’s development , progress and prosperity b/c it serves as light that forecasts the economical, social, religious and moral aspects of any nation. Keeping in view the importance of education in advancement of country and nation , almost every country of the globe has a well established and balanced educational setup the fulfills and covers the all aspects of their nation’s needs. It is the fact that all developed countries have attained their current position in the nations of the world basing on their educational systems that are so much sophisticated , well oriented and well maintained as well as modernized as required by needs of time.

But in our beloved home land “PAKISTAN” whole educational system is so much deteriorated, ruined and miserable that I am not finding proper words to mourn about it.

Actually Pakistan possesses multiple educational set-ups  that are so much complex in nature that difficult to understand and out of these there is no single educational set-up existing that can be even considered up to the mark.

So according to the nature of the educational set-up, there are many shortcomings in these educational systems  that cause a lot of problems to the students adopting them. Lets try to elaborate the problems according to the variety of the educational setup turn by turn:

1.Public/Govt; education system:

It is largest education system present in country consisting of Government schools, higher secondary schools, colleges and universities; governed by ministry of education. According to a survey conducted  in 2009, about 73 percent students join the public or government schools but this ration varies province to province; as this ratio is very poor in KPK, BALOCHISTAN, FATA as compared to PUNJAB & SINDH.

But its really pathetic that educational system adopted by public sector in very old, very less effective, substandard, poorly maintained and very poorly updated according to the needs of modern age and international standards. Moreover this system is ruled by corrupt Government that devours  the educational budget like a monster every year with out any hesitation; resulting in the big loss to country’s economy.

2. Private sector education system:

 It is the second most popular educational setup in Pakistan. According to a survey , almost 26 percent students are studying under this educational system. This educational system is for business and profit purposes, here in Pakistan. At Governmental level, no active body is present to control , administrate and keep this set-up into limits , is present.

3. Madrissa educational set-up:

This is the third most popular educational system in Pakistan in which about 6 percent students are studying. Although it is administered by Federal authorities , but this educational system is quite different as compared to the other educational systems of country and bears many lacks on its part. One scholar said: “This is supposed to provide religious education; however, poverty is another factor that restricts the parents to send their children to public or private school so that they prefer to send their children to madressah where education is free. Religious madrassas churn out yet another class that is usually unaware of the world outside their own. This one has no name and consists of children who are born in misery and die in misery”

4. Foreign educational set-up (0/A level) :

Some institutions are running foreign educational setups in Pakistan. The best examples are O-level, A-level, Lums etc. Although these are providing education that is of international standards but these are unable to fulfill  the social , economical, religious needs of Pakistan Each and every country of the world  has its own educational needs according to society and community , keeping in view the moral and religious values. Adopting an other countries educational system means in true words is to enslave the new generation . Every country of the world has established its own well oriented educational system according to needs , instead of copying the others. The best examples are educational systems of  JANPAN, GERMANEY, CANADA, KOREA, USA, UK ,AUSTRALIA .

Problems faced by students in current educational set up

All above discussed educational systems have many lacks and inabilities & are causing lot of problems to the students and in a result ruining the new generation. Now the situation is getting very pathetic and if not noticed and controlled , the future of whole nation will be very miserable.

The critical problems faced by students in the current educational systems are as follows:-

Continuous Secularization:

Education is the only tool used to prepare the new generation according to the culture , religion and social values; but although being an Islamic state, we are still unable to clarify our mind about the Islamic content in curriculum. This is increasing secularization in new generation.

Focus on basic education only:

Since the independence time , Pakistani Government is only focusing on the basic education only , this is causing a lot of problems.

Poorly updated  Curriculum:

Pakistani text book boards are still unable to update the syllabus according to the requirements. It is always changed with no proper planning.

Inappropriate  examination System:

Our examination system is still inappropriate and is not meeting the standards.

Politic in education:

Political interference is devouring the all rules and merits in education system of Pakistan.

Costly  Education:

In almost all developed countries education is free of cost but we are still hanged in the trap of no free compulsory education.

Unstable Educational Policies:

The incompetency and lack of professionalism is at peak level resulting in the instability of the educational policies since the day of independence.

Insufficient funds and corruption:

As compared to the needs, the allocation of the funds for the education are too much insufficient and corruption is in addition to it.

Unavailability of facilities:

Proper facilities in the class room as well as at higher level are almost unavailable and learning aids are completely vanished.

Poorly educated and insincere administration and supervision:

The basic root of these problems is the presence of poorly educated and untrained personnel’s at administrative level.

Transportation hurdle:

Pakistan transportation system is much disorganized, unsecure, unavailable in equality in all areas of country and very costly. It is affecting the students’ educational process very badly, as most of students belong to poor families and are unable to afford it.


Aimlessness of the education is at high level continuously.

Availability of  professional teachers:

Professional teacher appointment has become a big problem due to increasing rate of corruption and political interference and is becoming very problematic day by day.


In almost all educational institutes Pakistan, no matter either these are religious madrissas, public or private , the punishment is considered as compulsory for teaching purposes. The punishment trend is more severe in public and madrissa sector.

Language barrier:

Our educational curriculum is in Urdu at primary level and in English at higher levels. So this language barrier has caused a great disturbance to students while shifting form one level to another level. And this problem is worsening day by day in the present times, due to wrong educational policies of higher authorities.

Large number of students:

The number of teaching institutes as compared to the students enrolling every year is highly insufficient. It results in large number of students in one class and at results affecting educational process and poor number of faculty.

Heaps of books:

In Pakistan, the flopped educational system has cursed the students via inheriting them a large number of books and with no learning aids .

Low scholarships:

Scholarships availability for brilliant, poor and needy students is almost near to zero percent as compared to the number of students enrolled in institutions. This situation is very bad in private sector.

Rare Personal Grooming:

Lack of professionals and well educated faculty has definitely resulted in the poor grooming of students’ personality.

No exposure to the modern world:

Very low exposure to the outside world is available to the students in public sector. This situation is worse in madrissa system.

Availability of well furnished and modern labs:-

Availability of well furnished labs is very rare in public sector and can’t be even imagined in madrissa system.

Focus on book warming:-

This monster is devouring the new population in almost all educational systems in Pakistan. Book warming in students in all educational sectors is on a peak level.

No extracurricular activities:-

Very poor arrangement of extracurricular activities is seen in both public as well as madrissa system.

No carrier counseling:

Pakistani students are inheriting this paining situation at all levels almost in all educational setups since ages and still situation is very poor.

Financial stress:

Poverty has affected the whole country badly. Majority of students belong to rural areas and poor families that are unable to bear the costly education and living hand to mouth.

Co-education and Emotional problems:

In the educational setups where co-education is present, the emotional factors like romance, love, flirting etc has greatly affected the educational environment leading to destruction of moral and social values.

Gender Discrimination and Regional Inequalities:

The adult female illiteracy rate in the country was twice as high as for males. The illiteracy rate was 23.3% for males and 46.9% for females. The number of educational institutions, the literacy rate among both males and females, the number of private educational institutes and the available educational facilities are not equally provided all over the country.

Imposed study and Psychological problems:

It is almost a trend in Pakistan that students are not free to choose profession according to their interest and nature. They are advised and get imposed by their parent to be doctors, engineers etc at every cost. The main reason is no availability of experts to guide in this critical matter. It leads to serious psychological problems in students.

Addicted unsafe and unhealthy environment:-

Drug mafia and criminals always target teenagers to fulfill their bloody shameless purposes and it has caused very unsafe and unhealthy environment in educational institutes. New generation is being addicted by drugs very speedily.

Hostel life and bad friends:

Poor availability of the educational institutes at rural and regional levels has increased the hostel life trend. Bad friendship in the absence of parents and mature guides has provided the teenager the chance of spoiling.


Being a Muslim community, we have a strong adherence with the religion but in Pakistan, there is no clear cut policy about this aspect of life. So lots of unfair molviism has promoted the extremism in society. The situation is worse in madrissa educational system.

Unsafe religious, moral and social values:

Due to no rules and regulations and bad governess, there is lot of religious confliction. So our religious, moral and social values are going to be deteriorated and unsafe day by day and causing a great disturbance in students’ life. Foreign educational systems are also a big source of moral and social values distraction.


Unemployment rate is going to be higher day by day. Students after completing studies are roaming unemployed. This is provoking the loneliness, terrorism, suicide trend in new generation.

No appreciation of innovation and creativity :

In Pakistan, creativity and innovation has no importance, even at national level. Many innovative brilliant students has worked hard and made many inventions in different fields of life, but these all are of no use. Lack of appreciation, acceptability and growth chance has caused the disaster of the brilliant brains of nation.

My final word.

All problems discussed in the former discussion can be routed out with the proper planning and good administration at national level if the powers shall be transferred to good, secure and loyal hands.

I agree that nothing good can be done with proper co-ordination and active participation of the whole community and nation; but this will happen if the active awareness of the problems and possible solutions would be floated to the nation.

We should take part in this effort even at individual level , if we are sincere to our beloved country, b/c if this problem keep on suspending and situation continues to get worse day by day with same rate as it is then , I am 100 percent sure that destructions, miseries  and slaveries are our destiny.

I am stressing that this problem needs solution as soon as possible so that the PAKISTAN, our beloved and great PAKISTAN can be FALCON  of ISLAM in a real meaning and soar in the sky of success , progress and prosperity with proud and every person of this Allah’s blessed nation can say with vigor that “yes I m Pakistani and I am proud  to be Pakistani”

Jazak Allah ul khair.

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