Meteor shower peaked with a strange huge meteor and its thunderous sound

Photo of a meteor taken by Lisa Warren, a resident of Rancho Haven

An amazing thing happens just after the peak of an annual meteor shower i.e. daytime meteor shower has been seen and heard over Northern Nevada and parts of California on Sunday.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]A fireball at about 8 a.m. local time accompanied by a thunderous sound has been observed in Reno-Sparks area of Nevada. The infrasound of the meteor lasted for more than 18 minutes at a monitoring station 400 miles away. Infrasound is a low-frequency sound below 20 Hertz.

“It probably would have exploded as it entered the atmosphere,” said Mike Smith, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service office in Sacramento, California.

The Reno-Gazette Journal reported that the noise caused the alarms to be set up at a Walmart store in Carson City, Nevada’s capital, and was felt in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin and into California.

“I was out … hiking in the mountains (and) saw this great, big, white ball streaming across the sky to the west,” Ellen Pillard, a Reno resident, told the Journal. “Then it just disappeared.” Minutes later, she said, she heard a “boom.”

“It was just amazing,” Pillard said. “I thought maybe I was dreaming.”

This was the part of Lyrid meteor shower that occurs each year in mid-April, when the Earth passes through a path of dust left by the comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1). The comet dusts could reach upto the speeds of 110,000 mph (177,027 kph). Lyrid meteor shower has been observed by humans for more than 2600 years.

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