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Islamic traditions are appealing Islamic women from around the world

Islamic traditionsWealthy Islamic women from all over the world including Pakistan are increasingly showing a keen desire to learn and spread the true values of Islam. They are turning towards true Islamic dressings and routines.

“Recently there are a lot of young women coming to a very traditional Islam,” Maha Jehangir, a 30-year-old consultant told The Guardian. “There is a deep desire for learning.”

The Guardian has reported,

All the women working in the information technology division of the Bank of Punjab’s headquarters in the western Pakistani city of Lahore wear headscarves tightly wound around their cheeks and chin, framing their faces as they tap at their keyboards. A year or so ago not one covered their heads with the hijab.

Religious shift towards Islam showed acceleration in the past decade. More and more women are joining Islamic educational organizations. They show passion for Qur’anic studies and Arabic language, and take more part in Social Welfare works. They are of the opinion that Islamic education better gives answers to their questions.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Amna, who is a 21 years old student of business studies in Islamabad and whose father was a manager for a major firm in Saudi Arabia said, “Everything we learn comes from the Qur’an. Maths, computers, banking – the Qur’an contains everything,” while she wore a Saudi-style veil covering all but her eyes.

Sadaf Siddiq, 24, (from San Francisco Bay Area in U.S.) said, “It’s a matter of balancing our Muslim identity, our cultural identity, and at the same time being American,”

In recent times, Islamic fashion festivals have been organized by different Muslim communities in different parts of the world such as the Islamic Fashion in Dubai by Chechenya’s first lady, Medni Kadyrova. In that fashion festival, more than 20 veiled Chechen models took part. They were dressed in silk and beautifully embroidered muslin dresses fully covering their body from head to toe. “My designs are inspired by natural beauty and the grace of Arab women, to whom I dedicate my collection,” Kadyrova said. These clothes are “to lead Chechen women towards a new way of life, full of harmony and serenity, based on the national Islamic traditions.”

Everyone knows that not only Islamic women but non-Islamic women are also increasingly showing interest to the Islamic traditions.

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