Google Docs now available offline to Android devices

Google has allowed offline access of Google Docs to the users on Android-based smartphones and tablets as reported by Google in a blog post.

This will permit the offline access to Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, uploaded images, and file formats such as pdf, doc, xls and ppt, as reported by Google.

Android smartphones

Google Docs on Android smartphones

According to Google, the users can select files in Google Docs to be available offline, which will be available anytime whether online or offline. Google will automatically update the offline files when connected to the internet. Users can also manually update the files.

“You can make an item available offline while you have an Internet connection. You can also request to make an item available offline when your device is disconnected from the Internet,” Google said. “The item will update the next time your device regains Internet connectivity.”

However, “offline editing isn’t currently supported,”

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