Microsoft’s Kinect, now in laptops


Microsoft is planning to introduce Kinect in laptops. So that now the users will be able to control the laptop icons and programs with motion and sound.

Yes! Kinect’s breakthrough motion control technology is going to be introduced in laptops and according to The daily, Microsoft is working with Asus, Taiwanese computer maker, to embed Kinect in their netbooks operating on Windows 8. Previously, it was an Xbox exclusive feature. Moreover, the company has introduced the technology in desktops at CES.

Kinect sensors would be incorporated over the top of the screen where the webcam normally presents and at the bottom of the display, LEDs (and something like that) are present are presented as reported by The daily.

Although Microsoft and Asus have not confirmed the report but Microsoft has already publicly announced the plans of incorporating the Kinect into Windows and has also made a software kit available to developers.

The introduction of Kinetics to laptops will have a broad range of applications from gaming to other fields of life. It would offer new ways for disables to interact with the devices. It has a potential to be used in many diseases and syndromes of the body.

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