Apple Inc.’s Final Cut Pro X Version 10.0.3 has been launched

Final Cut Pro X

Apple Inc. has launched update with addition of major features to Final Cut Pro X, video editing software.

Version 10.0.3 of Final Cut Pro X Software comes with multicam support, detailed chroma key controls and external broadcast monitoring (beta feature). It also comes with an upgrade path for projects made in previous Final Cut versions. This has been addressed by a third-party plugin named as 7toX from Intelligent Assistance.

More features are XML 1.1 helping in “import and export of audio keyframes and intrinsic effects such as opacity and scale”.

“When we introduced Final Cut Pro X last June, we talked about it being a foundation for Apple’s professional post-production roadmap for the next ten years,” said Apple senior director of applications marketing, Richard Townhill, in a call with PCMag. “We rewrote the application with a 64-bit engine and introduced a couple of really innovative new features, the magnetic timeline being one and content auto-analysis being another. We promised at that time that we would release new features faster, at a pace that you haven’t seen previously. We also improved on the way they’d been implemented in the past.”

You can download the update free and the 7toX transfer plugin ($9.99) from the Mac App Store.

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