AT&T’s Q4 2011 was best in Mobile-broadband sales

AT&TAT&T Inc. reported that the fourth quarter of 2011 was the best sales quarter ever for branded computing subscribers i.e. area of the company including tablets, aircards, tethering plans, mobile devices and other data-only services.

AT&T’s consolidated revenues were $126.7 billion in the year 2011 as compared to $124.3 billion in 2010. This shows 2% rise.

AT&T Inc. has suffered a big loss of $6.7 billion in fourth quarter on failure of the T-Mobile USA acquisition deal. However, in the same period the company reported a profit of $1.09 billion or 18 cents per share.

The company is still home of the iPhone and has activated 7.6 million of iPhones in the latest quarter. This accounts for one out of every five iPhones sold in the world. This sale has caused the revenue to go up by 4% during the quarter i.e. to $32.5 billion from $31.4 billion a year ago.

“We had a tremendous year in terms of execution, and we have excellent momentum across our growth platforms,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and chief executive officer.“This was a blowout quarter for sales. Our network performance is at a high level on voice quality and best-in-class mobile download speeds. Sales continue to be strong and business revenue trends are on a good track.

“Looking ahead, we start 2012 with the best visibility we’ve had in some time, and we’re well positioned to deliver solid results — including continued revenue growth with margin expansion, solid earnings per share growth and strong cash flow,” Stephenson said.”In short order, we will begin share repurchases to deliver significant value to our owners.”

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