Tiny baby Melinda released from hospital

Melinda Star Guido at 14-weeks of age

The premature baby, Melinda Star Guido, was born in August at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center with a weight of only 9.5 ounces like a can of soda, has now been released from hospital. Melinda’s 22-years old mother, Haydee Ibarra, held her for the first time after operation in November.

“I just feel blessed. I just feel great that she’s here with us,” Ibarra said.

She was born prematurely at 24 weeks and is now headed home after spending first 5 months of her life in hospital under special care. Now her weight is about 4.5 pounds after steady growth. Just after birth, Melinda was cured for eye disorder normally present in premature babies. Moreover, she also underwent a surgery to shut down an artery.

She makes much progress so that she can be discharged but doctors planned to monitor her for the next 6 years.

Melinda is the world’s third smallest baby and second smallest in U.S. Almost 7500 babies with less than 1 pound of weight born in U.S. each year and approximately 10% of them survive.

Melinda needs a great care because most babies of such weight didn’t survive even after a great medical care. However, we pray for the good health of little Melinda.

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