Steve Jobs’ scale model by In Icons

A Chinese Company “In Icons” has developed a scale model of Late Apple Founder “Steve Jobs”. It is a 12-inch action figure costing $99.99 and will be available for sale in February.

InIcons's Steve Jobs model Figure

The action figure is 1:6 in scale with Jobs’ trademark poloneck, jeans and glasses. The model has also an important feature i.e. wedding ring.

“InIcons has not released sales figures, but has already stopped taking pre-orders.”

The action figure comes with,

  • One realistic head sculpt and two pairs of glasses
  • One highly articulated body and three pairs of hands
  • One black turtleneck and pair of blue jeans
  • One black leather belt and a chair i.e. of wood and metal
  • A pair of black socks and sneakers
  • Two apples in which one comes with a bite
  • One piece of “ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop
Steve Jobs' action figure accessories
Steve Jobs action figure full view
Steve Jobs model figure
Steve Jobs Model Figure 2

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