Apple Inc. wins the patent ruling against HTC in US

Apple logo (3D)Apple Inc. wins the patent ruling against HTC as US International Trade Commission said that HTC is in violation of an Apple patent i.e. “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer generated data“. This patent is about the application helping in making a call by tapping on a phone number in an email.

HTC has to obey the ruling until April 19, 2012. Moreover, HTC will be allowed to import the refurbished products until December 19, 2013 for the purposes of warranty replacement.

Although, Apple has won the patent but HTC is still hopeful of its business as the company said in a statement to Taiwan’s stock exchange, “Since the infringing elements identified by the ITC involve and impact only a very minimal part of the user interface, we will remove it as soon as possible and sell non-infringing products.”

HTC is using Android operating system for its smart phones and making about 10% of total sales according to reports.

ITC has also rejected two of the four claims on the patent, on Monday, which had been upheld by the earlier judge.


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