Amazon Kindle Fire is gaining success

Amazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle Fire is going to be a successful candidate in the line of tablets.

According to analysis by IHS iSuppli 3.9 million Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets will be shipped in Q4 of 2011. This huge shipment will make it to achieve the second place in the tablet market but the biggest selling Android Tablet. This will give the company with 13.8% share of worldwide tablet shipments. However, iPad 2 would be the leader in this market with 18.6 million shipments.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is on third place with 1.4 million units in shipment.

Estimated tablet shipmentiSuppli also wrote about the Amazon’s retail strategy,

Millions of Kindle owners will be accessing digital content from the site to play on their tablets. Once these users are on the site, Amazon hopes to sell them all kinds of other goods, ranging from shoes to diapers.

Amazon has taken several steps to promote this strategy. Because of this, the company is willing to take a loss on the Kindle Fire hardware – giving it a market leading price point because it is playing the long game and developing a business model that looks beyond the device

For example, with each purchase of a Kindle Fire, buyers get a free one-month membership to the Amazon Prime service. In addition to offering free access to movies and TV shows and it allows consumers to use the Kindle ebook lending library, Amazon Prime includes free two-day shipping of millions of items on the company’s site, promoting sales of physical goods on

In another example, Amazon this week announced Amazon Santa, a free tablet app that allows users to create Christmas wish lists of items sold on the site.

Meanwhile, Amazon is bringing to bear its considerable marketing muscle to promote sales of the Kindle Fire.

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