HP combining technologies of Autonomy and Vertica

HP logoHewlett Packard (HP) has announced a new product, combining the technologies procured with the acquisition of Autonomy and Vertica Software.

According to the reports of the company, HP Next Generation Information Platform will be launched by the end of the January, next year. This will allow the enterprises to manage and analyze structured and unstructured data such as telephone calls, video and emails.

This software will combine the techniques of Vertica Analytics Platform, enabling the analysis of data stored in rational databases i.e. structured data, and Autonomy’s IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) enabling analysis of unstructured data, resulting to a search based user interface as reported by PC World.

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Jan Zadak, executive vice president, Global Sales, HP, said,

Exploiting information across its many forms is the next big wave to drive competitive advantage.

With HP’s strong portfolio of Information Optimization solutions, enterprises can harness the power of 100 per cent of their data to drive insight, foresight and action.

According to the reports of company, about 15% of data in an organization is structured while more than 50% of data remains unused in an organization and this new platform will help in dealing both of them.

Moreover, HP is making Autonomy’s techniques available to the small and medium sized organizations, which was previously utilized by Government agencies and multinational firms.


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