Google’s plan to close seven more applications

Google logoGoogle has plans to close many of its applications and announced in a blogpost.

One of the applications of Google was a plan to protect the planet by making renewable energy cheaper than coal. According to Google, some other organizations are working better on this project. However, Google will continue to work on energy for their own data centers.

Another project is “Google Bookmarks List”, which Google is going to close on December 19, 2011.

Google will end “Google Friend Connect” by March 1, 2012. They are giving inspiration for the placement of “Google+ badge” on the sites for connection to others.

Google gears” will stop working from December 1, 2011 and later on in the month of December, Gears will no longer be available to download.

Graph of historical results for a search term i.e. “Google search timeline” will be removed by Google soon.

Google Wave” will be turned off completely by April 30 of coming year.

Knol” by Google will stop working after April 30, 2012. From May 1 to October 1, 2012, knol will only be available to download and export but will not be viewable. After that knol will not be accessible. Knol users are able to move to Annotum, which is powered by WordPress and developed in collaboration with Solvitor and Crowd Favorite.

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