Runaway stars are thought to be originated from binary pairings

Runaway star captured by HubbleResearchers were amazed by the presence of runaway stars, for about half a century. These stars have the ability to move at the speed of thirty kilometers per second or more in the galaxies, which is more than usual approximations.

Approximately, 20% of massive stars in the Milky Way have very high velocities.

Now astrophysicists Michiko S. Fujii and Simon Portegies Zwart  have described their work in the journal Science about those stars.

They showed that the stars are strongly thrown away from their binary star pairings and as a result, they get their speed. This occurs when some big stars move close enough to binary stars resulting in the disturbance between the pairing of the binary stars due to gravitational fields and one of the big stars become runaway star. They travel faster than any other stars.

Fujii and Zwart support their theory with the help of computer simulation.


Michiko S. Fujii, Simon Portegies Zwart, (2011). The Origin of OB Runaway Stars. Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.1211927

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