Use of Calcium and Vitamin-D for the cure of Osteoporosis

Calcium and vitamin-D in combination are very helpful for the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis.

Calcium and Vitamin-D

Studies have shown that the combination of calcium and vitamin D, when administered at respective dosages of at least 1200 mg and 800 IU per day, is effective, although, efficacy may vary among the patients. These are found to be effective in decreasing the incidences related to non-vertebral and hip fractures.

Studies have also shown that there are decreased levels of vitamin D in more than 50% of women treated for Osteoporosis in U.S. and European countries.

Researchers have found that calcium citrate formulations are absorbed maximally through the small intestine as compared to calcium lactogluconate and calcium carbonate. Moreover, formulations of calcium citrate taken between the meals are helpful in preventing the flatulence and abdominal distension, and decrease the risk of renal calculus formation.

Researchers have made conclusions that the treatment of Osteoporosis should always include calcium and vitamin D as their combination is also advantageous in case of absorption and bioavailability both with and between the meals.


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