Large crack in Antarctica will result in a huge Iceberg

NASA scientists have found a massive crack in the Antarctic Ice Sheet. They have reported that it could break apart in the coming months i.e. later this year or early next year, resulting in the huge size of Iceberg.

The size of that iceberg can be up to the size of New York City.

Crack in Antarctica

The crack in western Pine Island Glacier (PIG) of Antarctica stretched for approximately 18 miles i.e. 30 km and is about 165 feet i.e. 50 meter in depth.

Michael Studinger, NASA project scientist and is working with US space agency’s IceBridge project, said that the gap is widening at a rate of 2 meters per day. He further reported that breakage of this iceberg will cause the production of 340 square miles i.e. 880 square kilometers of iceberg.

According to Studinger, this break apart is not the result of global warming. He added

These are cyclical events that occur every few years. The last big calving event occurred in 2001, so in general people have been expecting something to happen like that very soon.

For us it is very exciting to actually see this while it is happening.

Crack in West Antarctica

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