Predicted food and dining trends in 2012 in U.S.

SaladFood and Restaurant Consulting Company, Baum and Whiteman, released hottest food and dinning trends for restaurants and hotels in 2012 and interesting to note the Korean and Mexican Influences on the list.

According to the trending report, “US could lose 8,000-10,000 restaurants in 2012, few of them belonging to chains.” This will happen, if economy will go on sliding.

Food trend is going towards multiethnic combinations and many young independent operators are working on these multicultural combinations of foods to differentiate and compete with larger corporations.

Customers may look for sandwiches made up of things other than bread such as rice cakes but with more innovations in food.

Pickles of fruit and vegetables made in house in more of the menus. Pickles are important as they add more cheers to the food and they cover the intense flavor of organ meats. Pickles are also going multicultural. Chefs are adding “Asian fish sauce, Mexican peppers, ginger, star anise and more such things from different cultures. In this case, the trend reported “Kimchi” as the ingredient of the year. Kimchi is a pickled vegetable made up of cabbage, white radish seasoned with chili, garlic, and ginger and is regarded as the national dish of Korea.

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