Migraine is the extremely bad headache and is also referred to sick headcache.

Migraine is the recurrent and throbbing type of very painful headache often affecting the head on one side. It is often accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting.


Migraine may occur daily or often as once per year. Most common occurrences are one or two times in a month.

Factors contributing to the disease:

External stimuli, such as stress, are often involved in triggering migraine. It is most common in hardworking people and those who have set high standards to achieve. It may also be caused as a result of certain foods and drinks.

In women, occurs as a result of hormonal changes before or in menstruation.

About 75-90% of migraine sufferers have inherited it from family. 2/3 of all migraine sufferers are women.


It is thought to be caused by the abnormality of a chemical compound in the brain i.e. serotonin.

Signs and symptoms:

Aura and other visual disturbances like loss of vision or illusions of flashing lights, preceded by throbbing headache. There is dizziness, numbness and/or speech or movement disorders for the time being.

Headache is worsened by the physical activity like movements, and bright light.

The migraine attack, normally, lasts for 12-24 hours.


Aspirin and other such Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to cure mild form of migraine.

Ergotamine, a compound obtained from ergot (fungus), is used to cure somewhat severe form of migraine.

Feverfew (a flowering European plant) leaves are also used to treat headache and migraine.

Propranolol is also used sometimes to treat migraine.

Shiatsu, a form of alternative treatment in the form of massage, is also used as a therapeutic strategy.


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