Apple wins the decision of ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany

iPad and Galaxy
iPad (behind) and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (front)

A German court orders the Samsung to not to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany on Friday, as it is encroaching the rights of Apple Inc. due to very much similar size to iPad.

Court has not banned the sale of present stocks. Samsung is thinking to appeal the ruling. 

Dusseldorf regional court judge Johanna Bruckner-Hoffman said that there is a “clear impression of similarity”. Moreover, it is not necessary to copy Apple’s design, as new designs can be made.

This patent battle clearly indicates that Samsung is a business rival to Apple and may gain popularity over Apple products.

Apple has also gain success over other Samsung phones in Europe after court action in Netherlands.

The cases of the two companies are also undergoing in the courtrooms of North America, Australia and Asia i.e. Japan.

Interesting point is that in spite of the business rivalry, Samsung makes internal components and displays for several Apple’s products like iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. Samsung is making components for Apple but still Apple is the world’s top most technology company in values.



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