Do you think you are intelligent?

BGI Cognitive Genomics is conducting research on “A Genome Wide Association of Intelligence”, not only on people of Beijing but from around the world.

BGI Cognitive Genomics is a research group (interdisciplniary in nature) at BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute). According to the website, it is “one of the largest genomics institutes in the world”.

For research, BGI Cognitive Genomics is recruiting people of high cognitive ability. The recruitment is done on the basis of scores obtained in SAT, ACT or GRE i.e. a minimum score of 760V/800M post-recentering or 700V/780M pre-recentering is must for SAT, 35-36 score of ACT and/or a score of 700V/800Q in GRE or excellent performance in academic competitions of Math, Physics, TopCoder etc.

If you are PhD from a top U.S. program in Maths, Physics, theoretical computer science or EE or have an honorable mention in Putnam competition, you will automatically qualify.

According to BGI Cognitive Genomics,

If you qualify as a participant, we may send you a DNA saliva kit. After you return this kit, we will genotype your DNA, and the data will eventually be available to you on this website, in a format compatible with many 3rd party interpretational tools.


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