Facebook gives Information of Security Issues

Guide to Facebook Security pictureFacebook announces and releases its Security Guide in pdf format.  You can download official Security Guide by Facebook here.

This guide gives information about phishing, malware, clickjacking, the perennially pesky ‘who’s been looking at your profile’ scam and how to recover a hacked account. Moreover, this guide is used so that facebook can be maximally protected from any attacks (like on other sites).

In this way, this guide wants to inform people that users of a website are as important, for security of the website as the people running the website.

This guide has 14 pages of tips and advises regarding security issues. The guide starts with the most common advice of choosing a good password having minimum of 8 characters with at least one number and special character. It also wants the users to change their passwords frequently.

The guide also advises people to be with friends and make friends only those whom they have knowledge of. Guide also goes into the topic of taking benefits from Facebook’s advanced features of security as experts want the users to be fully aware of privacy protection features. It also gives information about stopping imposters.

You can find summary at the 13th page covering important issues of security. It will give you a handful of good and useful information in few seconds.

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