Watching too much TV may shorten your life

Watching TVAccording to a research published in British Journal of Sports Medicine, watching too much on life. Six hours a day with TV may reduce life by five years. As researchers found that one hour of watching TV can reduce the life expectancy by about 22 minutes.

Researchers used data taken from the relationship between TV viewing time and death from analyses of the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study (AusDiab).

Watching TV makes the life of the person more sedentary and this can lead to heart attack or stroke.

In another research, it has been found that 30 minutes of watching TV is almost equivalent to one cigarette as both of them causes 11 minutes of reduction from the person’s life.

Three years ago, it was found that 25 years old Australians watched approximately 9.8 billion hours of TV.

Make a habit of daily exercise.

References and Further Reading: accessed August 16, 2011. for exercise and health information.

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