FX (TV channel)

FXFX is the short form of “Fox Extended” and represent “effects”. It is owned by Fox Entertainment Group and is a pay television channel.

FX network has many of the popular tv series titles including The Shield, Rescue Me, Damages, Sons of Anarchy. The Shield and Damages have already won many awards.

The channel also shows recorded entertainments again in 1990-2000, which were originally broadcast on Fox.

FX is considered as the most innovative in the U.S. television’s original programming and includes mostly sports and dramas (movies). It was launched in June of 1994 and is available to about 100 million American homes.

FX network is going to launch a new digital cable channel i.e.  FX Canada on Nov. 1. In Canada, the channel will be owned by Rogers media Inc. and FX networks jointly. Rogers media Inc. is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc. which have Canada’s largest publishing company. It owns about 54 radio stations and several television properties including terrestrial television.



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