Top 10 World’s most innovative companies in 2011

Following is a list of FastCompany’s top 10 most innovative companies:

10. Epocrates:

It’s headquarter is situated in San Mateo, California. According to

“Epocrates, Inc. creates point-of-care digital solutions that enhance the practice of medicine. More than 1.3 million healthcare professionals, including 45 percent of U.S. physicians, use Epocrates to help improve patient care and practice efficiencies with its drug reference, educational and clinical apps.”

9. Zynga:

It’s headquarter is situated in San Francisco, California. It works on games like Farmville, Cityville. According to

“Connecting the World through games”.

8. Netflix:

Connecting devices like WII, PS3 and XBOX3 to an account on Netflix to watch TV instantly.

7. Dawning information technology:

It’s headquarter is situated in Beijing, China. It is working on Computer technology.

6. Google:

Everyone knows.

5. Groupon:

It’s headquarter is located in Chicago,Illinois. Working on retail on internet giving deals to purchase.

4. Nissan:

An automobile company. Innovative for creating the Leaf, the first mass- market all- electric car.

3. Facebook:

Social Networking Site.

2. Twitter:

Micro-blogging site.

1. Apple:

For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac etc.

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