One billion unique visitors to in May 2011

In the month of May, Google received maximum visitors reaching to about one billion i.e. 1 with 9 zeroes.

According to reports of comScore Data Mine, in the month of May 2011 Google surpasses the 1 billion unique visitors globally. Google sites attain 8% increase from the past year.

It means 1 in 7 people in the world visited Google last month. Moreover, 32258065 people visited Google daily in the month of May. And this becomes equal to 373 new visitors every second in the month of May. This number represents visitors who visited Google on unique basis and are not repeat visitors i.e. viewers. Remember Google sites do not include just but and are also included in this.

This news caused an increase of $10 of stock prices of Google per share.

Google is followed by Microsoft sites with 905 million visitors and then with 713.6 million visitors.

Further Reading: accessed June 23, 2011.

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