Study Examines Public Awareness, Use of Online Physician Rating Sites

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Chicago – In a survey of a nationally representative sample of the U.S. population, 65 percent of respondents reported awareness of online physician ratings and about one-fourth reported usage of these sites, according to a study in the February 19 issue of JAMA.

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“Patients are increasingly turning to online physician ratings, just as they have sought ratings for other products and services,” according to background information in the article. “Little is known about the public’s awareness and use of online physician ratings, and whether these sites influence decisions about selecting a physician.”

David A. Hanauer, M.D., M.S., of the University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Mich., and colleagues surveyed the public in September 2012 about their knowledge and use of online ratings for selecting physicians. Sixty percent (2,137/3,563) of the sample responded. Twenty-one percent of respondents were 18 to 29 years of age; 17 percent, 30 to 39 years; 18 percent, 40 to 49 years; 19 percent, 50 to 59 years; and 26 percent, 60 years or older.

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Webtimize.Me Review: Free SEO Tool for Website Audit

Webtimize.Me SEO Audit Tool
Webtimize.Me SEO Audit Tool

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Sometimes we get solution from the source where we are not looking for the answer

CrowdMed screenshot

Sometime back, I posted a question on various groups on Facebook and Google Plus and the question was like how we can cure cancer? Basic idea behind the question was that sometimes we get solution from the source where we are not looking for the answer. Read More …

Sites to change Your Thinking into Beautiful piece of Art

It occurs often that the simple words go straight to the heart but it occurs more often that the simple words with beautiful presentation go straight to the heart. Beautiful presentation of your words can present your personality.

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Site that will certainly entertain you for the next few moments

Baby pointing towards the cursor in the site

Finding an interactive yet funny site is a kind of good luck. Surfing and surfing the internet but there are rare chances of finding such site.

Here, I have found an interesting site for you that will automatically tell you about the pointer on the screen by utilizing the real images.

You can check the site here:

If you know any interesting interactive site, you may write in the comments.