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Facebook is planning to attract annual $66.35 billion TV advertising market in U.S.

facebook logo (Credit: cbhdesign/Flickr)Facebook Inc. is going to experiment video advertisements with a handful of advertisers on its website that would play automatically in news feeds of users, according to The Wall Street Journal citing people, who know the subject.

Don’t worry the ads would not annoy you as they will play without sounds. Users can view and listen to the video by clicking on the advertisement. Moreover, the company has reported that the new ads will not consume mobile data plans as the videos will only download upon connection to WiFi.

According to the reports, this type of advertising would capture a share of about $66.35 billion TV advertising market annually in the United States. This move could significantly increase the company’s advertising revenue.

Although, it is still unclear but according to the journal Facebook could show ads of up to 15 seconds. Continue reading

Highest number of malaria cases in U.S. in over 40 years

Malaria Cases in different states of U.S. (Credit: CDC)

United States (U.S.) diagnosed and treated the highest number of malaria cases – about 2,000 – in 2011. It is the highest number since 1971, according to the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 1971, over 3,000 malaria cases were reported especially in the military personnel. According to the health agency, five people died of malaria. Continue reading

The MUSCULAR project is found to be an aggressive use of NSA against US companies

Meet the National Security Agency's MUSCULAR program. (Image Source: The Washington Post)

Main Points:

The National Security Agency collects information that is connecting the data centers of Yahoo and Google, albeit secretly, as reported by the Washington Post on Wednesday. The NSA used the project MUSCULAR to do this in co-operation with the agency’s British counterpart, GCHQ (UK Government Communications Headquarters). Continue reading